Rehberg Schedules Rocky Mountain Front Listening Session in Choteau

Denny Rehberg announced his intention to hold a public listening session to discuss the implications of the Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Act, introduced by Senator Max Baucus and cosponsored by Senator Jon Tester.  In 2010, Rehberg held similar public forums to discuss Senator Tester’s wilderness bill.
“Most of Senator Baucus’ wilderness bill support is coming from the same groups that support Senator Tester’s wilderness bill,” said Rehberg.  “When I held public meetings about Senator Tester’s bill, it quickly became obvious that it was a lot less popular than the manufactured support had led on.  From guarantees on grazing rights to restricted energy production, I’ve already heard some pretty major concerns about Sen. Baucus’ bill, and I intend to give all Montanans the voice they deserve in their government.”Rehberg has hosted more than 100 public listening sessions across Montana since President Obama was sworn into office.  He was the only member of the Montana delegation to hold such meetings before the final passage of the President’s unpopular health care law.
What: Rehberg Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Act Listening Session
When: Saturday, April 21 at 2:30 PM
Where: Choteau Country Club (1502 Airport Rd)
Who: All members of the public and media

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